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Charlotte Charlotte wrote on February 18, 2023 at 1:50 am
Joan Grant has been my lodestar since I discovered her books in August of 1969. She has had a profound and lasting influence on my entire life.
I found all her books - this was not easy in those days in South Africa where I still live! It took me many years to find "Winged Pharaoh" - I think it was always published separately? When I finally found it, I was blown away all over again; I think it's probably my favourite book of all time!
Whenever I've found any of her books, I've bought them immediately, to replace my original Joan Grant books which became tatty after multiple readings, and also to give them to friends and acquaintances to spread her message.
I've just recently reread them all!
Apart from her interesting stories / memories, her style of writing is so lyrical and poetic that they are like a refreshing bath under a crystal waterfall.
What bliss to have been gifted by you with "Speaking from the Heart"! Bless you for putting it together and publishing it!
I hope Joan has, or will incarnate again. At any rate I look forward to meeting her on the other side of the river...
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