‘In 1937, one of the most highly praised books ever written about reincarnation came into public view. The book was titled Winged Pharaoh and the author was Joan Grant. In this masterpiece, Grant wrote about her past life in Egypt where she lived as a priest-pharaoh who had been trained in a secret technique that would allow her to implement the ability to tune into and remember past lives in great detail. In that lifetime as “Sekeeta” (a pharaoh’s daughter), she spent ten years in an Egyptian temple learning the technique. Her mystical training required that she and the other trainees remember at least ten of their own past life deaths. The trainees were further required to pass a final examination whereby they were to undergo seven ordeals while shut away in a tomb for four days and nights. Sekeeta passed the test and brought the ability known as “far memory” into the twentieth century via the incarnation as Joan Grant.

‘Joan experienced “far memory” her entire life. She was highly psychic and experienced precognitive and prophetic dreams. As a young girl she had a tendency to keep her “secrets” to herself. Joan was born into a wealthy family as the daughter of Jack and Blanche Marshall. Famous people often frequented the Marshall home. One of them was writer H.G. Wells who Joan met when she was sixteen years old. Joan felt comfortable enough with Wells to tell him some of her “secrets.” Sympathizing with the young girl, Wells told her, “It is important that you become a writer.” He further told her that she should continue to keep her secrets to herself until she was, “… strong enough to bear being laughed at by fools.” ‘

– from Astro-profile of Joan Grant reprinted with permission by the author Loni Haas.