With Dr Denys Kelsey

Have we lived before? Are our natural talents actually attributes we worked hard to attain in earlier lifetimes? Does reincarnation account for genius? Can unresolved issues from previous lifetimes affect and undermine our present reality?


These are the questions that Joan Grant and her husband Dr Denys Kelsey tackle head on in Many Lifetimes -and answer with a resounding ‘yes’ born of first hand experience. Hers came from empirical knowledge: vivid, sense-alert memories of other lives. His came from his work as a psychiatrist when he discovered clients under hypnosis could recall early memories of being born, of conception…and before. Joan’s ability to tune into other people’s past lives, often quicker than they could themselves, was invaluable to those who came to them for help.

Many Lifetimes contains many such anecdotes and is an essential handbook for anyone interested in reincarnation, hypnotherapy and past life regression work. For further reading, Denys Kelsey’s Now and Then (Trencavel Press 2007) cites more instances of Joan’s insights and ‘hoves’ as he explains, with many fascinating case histories, the ‘robust reality’ of reincarnation.