Far Memory, Joan Grant’s autobiography, tells how Winged Pharaoh came to be written. It is a most touching, most amusing, most astonishing real-life story.’
Daily Express

‘So fluent and dramatic… is she that her story may captivate even non-believers in extrasensory powers.’
– Publishers Weekly


‘I was conceived in the Blue Grotto at Capri in June 1906’ begins Joan Grant’s autobiography. A fascinating, even breathtaking, account of a woman born with second sight and far memory, who as a spirited child believed these were abilities the grown-ups in her Edwardian upbringing shared, but did not speak about in ‘polite’ society. Having learnt to disown her psychic abilities, Joan emerges perplexed and rebellious from the arms of her eccentric, yet very conventional family, determined to do what she can to heal the world. She suffers heartbreak, finds friendship and marriage, rebels against the traditional role of woman, and in her late twenties decides she must honour her unusual gifts despite her discomfort at being ‘different’. The result was the publication of Winged Pharaoh in 1937 and a life ahead as a celebrated author, renowned for her wisdom and the very psychic insights she had found it so hard to accept.