‘Strive for happiness as lesser men strive for power: and remember that love is both the seed and the flower of joy. Let your actions be such that if they were done to you they would increase your happiness. Love others that they may love you: and love yourself that you may love others.’


So does the new Pharoah address his people, heralding the dawn for which Ra’ab and the Watchers of the Horizon fought in the Eyes of Horus. But to ‘Send Fear into Exile’, as the Watchers’ password promised, is not that easy. Creating a society of mutual respect and freedom among people long shackled by terror and injustice is a challenge for the rulers of the new Egypt including Ra’ab, Nomarch of the Oryx, and his wife Meri. Even more of a challenge is taming the willful heir to the Pharoah’s crown and educating him to become a just and compassionate human being.