Ethics, Reincarnation and What it Means to be Human 
Edited by Nicola Bennett, Jane Lahr and Sophia Rosoff

‘A wise, moving and quite extraordinary book about a truly extraordinary woman. Gurdjieff gave us Meetings with Remarkable Men; in Speaking from the Heart we have a Meeting with a Remarkable Woman.’
– André Gregory, actor and co-writer of My Dinner with André


A collection of Joan Grant’s unpublished writings put together by Sophia Rosoff, her best friend; Jane Lahr, who experienced past life recalls with her help; and her grand-daughter, Nicola Bennett. Sourced from all periods of her life and put into biographical context, they range from early experiments with psychometry and the dictations that in 1937 became her first ‘far memory’ novel, Winged Pharaoh; to records of ‘gold key’ sessions when she learnt to tune in to other people’s lives in the 1940s; to lectures and ‘q&a’ sessions from the 1960s; and finally notes for an unwritten book dating from the 1970s.

These extracts stand as the pithy and wise teachings of a woman of compassion, humour and extraordinary psychic gifts. Never conventional, down to earth, challenging and inspiring, Joan Grant urges us to think for ourselves, take responsibility for our actions in this lifetime in the belief that neglected business will greet us again in the next, and – most of all – learn to love one another better.

‘Joan Grant’s directness, originality and generosity of spirit shine through every word she utters…Grant’s integrity and fearlessness never abandon her. For her, the veil between the worlds simply does not exist. She is able to talk with clear certainty about other realities, past lives, the supra-physical and death.’
– Dr Catherine Shainberg, author of Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming