Written at the outset of World War II, Eyes of Horus tells the story of Ra’ab, heir to the Nomarch of Oryx, one of the eighteen provinces in ancient Egypt. As he grows up, Ra-ab learns that the rest of Egypt is ruled by corruption and fear. The priests have replaced the worship of Ra with that of Set. Only the Oryx has cast off these shackles, and it is here that a silent brotherhood, the Watchers of the Horizon, arises to work ‘in the Light’ and wait for a new age in Egypt. Ra-ab learns his destiny in a dream and when the time is ripe leads the Oryx and their followers to victory and a new order.


‘This book is warm with the sunshine of Egypt, delicate with the beauty of its homes and palaces, its surpassing art; there are scenes of horrible torture which a few years ago could have been read as curiosities of a long dead past, but which to-day are only too tragically familiar from our newspapers…Ra’ab, the Warrior, heir of the Peace of God, who writes the book, speaks with a voice that those who today are seeking illumination may welcome as the voice of a friend.’

– Times Literary Supplement, 1942