Winged Pharaoh


'It is a fundamental book… worthy to be a hand book for a new order of chivalry - memorable as a tale, living as a work of art, a well of water, pure and undefiled.'

Howard Spring in London's Evening Standard

In ancient Egypt a ruler who attained the priesthood was called a 'Winged Pharaoh'. Sekeeta, princess and daughter of enlightened parents, is sent to the temple to be trained as a 'looker of Maat', able to dream travel out of her body to help those in trouble, and to fight evil. Her teacher is Ney-sey-ra who teaches her that:

'the lotus has always been the symbol of a true priest. Though its roots grow in the mud beneath the water, it opens in the sunlight… only those who have a channel of memory, which is the stalk of the lotus, can bring back to Earth what they have seen in the Light.'

But before her final initiation Sekeeta falls in love - can she fulfil herself as a woman as well as be priestess and ruler, worthy to dispense truth, wisdom and justice to her people?

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