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This website comes to you from Upstairs Matters, a partnership formed, through the generosity of Martha Crego, by Jane Lahr, Sophia Rosoff and Nicola Bennett to support the principles of Joan Grant's teachings, ethics and writings and to keep them in public view and awareness.

Sophia Rosoff was Joan Grant's greatest friend. She is a classical pianist and teacher who works with professional musicians, both classical and jazz. She is president of the Abby Whiteside Foundation, which sponsors an annual series of concerts at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, and co-edited Abby Whiteside's book Mastering the Chopin Etudes. She quotes Joan daily to illustrate important points in her teaching.

Jane Lahr recalled previous lifetimes with Joan Grant's help and assisted in finding publishers for her books in the USA. She has enjoyed a life in publishing for thirty years. She is the co-editor of Love: A Celebration in Art & Literature now in its twenty-first year in publication, editor of The Celtic Quest, and author of Searching for Mary Magdalene: A Journey in Art & Literature published in 2006. She works and lives in New York and Stonington Connecticut. She is a partner in Lahr & Partners, LLC whose mission is to create books of aesthetic and philosophical value.
Jane co- edited with Nicola Bennett and Sophia Rosoff  Joan Grant ~ Speaking from the Heart ~ Ethics, Reincarnation and What it Means to be Human ( Overlook Press).

Nicola Bennett is Joan Grant's grand-daughter and lives in the UK. As an arts administrator she directed the Cheltenham and Bath literary festivals and organised art exhibitions for the Arts Council of Great Britain. She has published Speaking Volumes - A Brief History of the Cheltenham Festival of Literature and her short stories have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Together they edited Joan Grant Speaking from the Heart published in New York and London in 2007 by Overlook/Duckworth.

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Nicola Bennett is the copyright holder for Joan Grant's books and executor of her literary estate. To contact her/Jane Lahr please use the contact form below - or for rights and permissions on Winged Pharaoh and Scarlet Feather go to Overlook Press: details at www.overlookpress.com/contact.

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